Living Well In Challenging Times; Basking in the Beauty of the World; And Becoming More Fully Ourselves – Shojiko, Japan – October 19-24, 2018

In the beautiful view of Fuji San we will explore the depths of our being and how we can respect our natures and others and come to live more fully in the world. Sensory Awareness is the experiential practice of helping us become more whole…of rediscovering our true natures and abilities of all our senses. Read More

Sensory Awareness: Living More Fully and Alive Kyoto, Japan: November 9-11, 2018

How do we live? Do we respond fully and appropriately or is our response to life –to anything– mechanical and perhaps not really our own? Are we creative and spontaneous or are we following some old rules we have been given? How can we be resilient and respond to what is asked of us and also be true to our selves?

Sensory Awareness focuses on the reality of one’s experience and on finding the organic and deeply true response within us and expressing ourselves through this truth. Read More

Waking Up

I am thrilled to announce that a very popular book on Sensory Awareness, “Waking Up” which is about the work of Charlotte Selver: talks about Sensory Awareness, reports, experiments and exchanges with her students, that had been collected and edited by William C. Littlewood and Mary Alice Roche, has now been translated into Japanese by Yuka Saito. Read More

Mission Statement (translated from Japanese)

With support from Sensory Awareness Foundation, we gladly announce the establishment of Sensory Awareness Japan in December 2011. Read More

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008]

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008] Read More