Sensory Awareness Workshop Slideshow (2006)

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Somatic Awareness/Sensory Awareness – A Path of Unraveling Trauma (2010)

The theme of “unraveling trauma” is a very important choice of words to describe the way we must work with trauma. Read More

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy: From Sensory Awareness to Somatic Psychotherapy (2008)

I wrote this article to be included in the proceedings of the 5th National Conference of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, held in Philadelphia, Pa., July, 2008, in relation to my presentation there. The title of this Conference is “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” my article and my presentation is about how Sensory Awareness is the heart of somatic psychotherapy. Read More

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008]

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008] Read More

The Influence of Elsa Gindler-Ancestor Of Sensory Awareness (2006)

This was written as a chapter in a book published by Hogrefe Verlag in Germany in 2006 as Handbuch der Korperpsychotherapie (Handbook of Body Psychotherapy). The editors of this extensive undertaking recognize the two primary ancestors of body-psychotherapy to be Wilhelm Reich and Elsa Gindler. Wilhelm Reich taught and influenced many psychotherapists in Europe and later in the United States. Elsa Gindler’s work influenced many in Europe and some of those eventually came to the U.S. and taught. Read More

Integrating Sensory Awareness and Somatic Psychotherapy (2004)

This article was published in The USA Body Psychotherapy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, 2004. I had the honor of being guest co-editor of that issue which was devoted to the work of Charlotte Selver and its influence on Somatic Psychotherapy. Read More

More Background About Sensory Awareness (2003)

Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more in touch with oneself. Not attached to any theory or method, the work transcends dogmas, disciplines, and forms. It brings us to immediate, direct experience through which we can rediscover and return to our own natural ways of being – to our birthrights. Read More

Touching Our Human Essence – Leading Sensory Awareness Classes in Different Cultures (1997)

My teacher asks me what the differences are of leading the work in different cultures. My answer is basically, “none.”The culture that Sensory Awareness works with is the human culture; the specific country, language, or way of dressing is not the level where we meet. Our work goes underneath the vagaries of cultural experience and reaches down to the foundational essence of human nature. Read More

These Are Her Experiences: An Account of a Somatic Journey

This is an unusual report on the process of a person’s work in the field of somatic exploration – most especially focused in the work of sensory awareness and also very much with the body/mind/spiritual integrative work of t’ai chi ch’uan. Read More

These Are Her Experiences: Hilary’s Account

This will be an unusual report on the process of a person’s work in the field of sensory awareness. Unusual because it is an account of a person working in this area of sensory awareness with two different teachers. “The Sensory Awareness work from both of them has opened a whole new way of living for me. They have different styles of leading because of different backgrounds.” Read More