Sensory Awareness Retreat: Cortes Island, B.C., Canada – Rediscovering Experiencing – October 3-October 7, 2022

October 3 – 7, 2022 at Hollyhock, Cortes Island

We are naturally born as vital, fully sensory beings. Traumas, tensions, even some education can diminish our vitality, creating unrest and insecurity in our lives.

Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more in touch with oneself. Not attached to any theory or method, the work transcends dogmas, disciplines, and forms. It brings us to the immediate, direct experience through which we can rediscover and return to our own natural ways of being…. to our birthrights. This work is practice; not theory or lectures.

Experience and explore your sensations and responses internally and in relationship with others. These explorations can bring a trust of yourself that may assist in finding the ability and pleasure of feeling and responding more sensitively and authentically. Reconnect with your own natural vitality so as to relate more fully with others, find peace and satisfaction in your life, and the ability to extend it further into the world.

Sensory Awareness is available to anyone who wants to become more whole and integrated. It offers deep learning regarding stress reduction, energy conservation, structural economy, and more natural ways of being. The approach is through each person’s unique organism as a whole – the living totality within which all our faculties arise. These experiences of exploring, freeing, and deepening our innate potentials can, if we follow through, have far-reaching consequences in all spheres of our lives. Through Sensory Awareness, we are able to find our way to live more fully in the world, rediscovering the wisdom and interconnection of our bodies and our minds – our whole selves and reclaiming our natural being.

Sensory Awareness was the first experiential workshop given at the new Esalen Institute in 1963, in Big Sur, California. It has since been studied by many leaders in various practices – psychological and otherwise – and has been incorporated into their own offerings. Sensory Awareness is the basis of all somatic therapeutic practices and is a strong foundation for many of the world’s top teachers who work with others for health and happiness.

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