T’ai Chi Ch’uan – An Exercise for Life – Continuing T’ai Chi Ch’uan July 22-29, 2024

This workshop teaches and reviews the complete short Yang form of T’ai Chi Ch’uan as taught by Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing.

This is a good chance to learn more, brush up lapsed practices, deepen your understandings and meet and share playing T’ai Chi Ch’uan with others. Applications of the form and sensing hands (tui shou) will be introduced.
Tuition: $650. US/Can equivalent.

Sword form will be taught and reviewed in separate classes 3 days during the week, if desired.
Tuition for sword classes: $350.US/Can equivalent.

Meals and accommodations extra. (There are camping/lodging possibilities on Judyth’s property as well as B&B’s and a motel on the island. There is also lodging at Hollyhock with full meals, hot tub, etc. www.hollyhock.ca )

Please register early: [email protected]
Cortes Island: 250-935-8500. Cell phone: 415-548-0365

Judyth received authorization to teach T’ai Chi Ch’uan from Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Shr Jung Center for Culture and the Arts in 1971. She was the First Student of Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo in the U.S. She has taught throughout the world, always focusing on the authenticity, purity and simplicity of this short Yang form in order to promote self-help, relaxation, and coordination of body, mind and spirit. In 1974 Judyth created the T’ai Chi Ch’uan program at Naropa Institute. Her careful approach presents T’ai Chi as an integral way of life and as an essential exercise available to anyone.