My work

My sensory, awareness and therapeutic work draws on a lifetime of meditative practice and study with leaders in several related fields (including movement, t’ai chi ch’uan, qi gong, sensory awareness, Reichian Therapy, Rosen Method, Gestalt Therapy, pre- and perinatal therapies and craniosacral therapies). I have synthesized my own unique approach, which I call Somatic Reclaiming, drawing fluidly on the varied skills and knowledge from my studies and experience to support students and clients. I hope these descriptions give you a better sense of what I do; let me know what you need and how I might help you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are the general overviews of the various disciplines that I’ve studied. I offer them in their individual mode and also draw upon them, as well as my extensive meditation practice of 50 years, as appropriate, to contribute to the synthesis of the work that I have come to call Somatic Reclaiming.

  • Sensory Awareness – Rediscovering Authenticity
  • Reichian Therapy – Psychosomatic Integration
  • Pre- and Perinatal Therapies – Returning to the Source
  • Somatic Experiencing – Resolving Shock and Trauma Affect
  • Gestalt Therapy – Awareness in Therapy; Awareness in Life
  • Rosen Method – Removing Barriers to Self
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Restoring Integrity in the System
  • T’ai Chi Ch’uan – Energetic Awareness and Applications

Sensory Awareness – Rediscovering Authenticity

Sensory Awareness is the practice of coming more in touch with oneself. Not attached to any theory or method, the work transcends dogmas, disciplines, and forms. It brings us to the immediate, direct experience through which we can rediscover and return to our own natural ways of being….to our birthrights. We are naturally born as vital, fully sensory beings. Traumas, tensions, even some education can diminish our vitality, creating unrest and insecurity in our lives.

How can we know another until we know ourselves? If we do not fully experience our own feelings, how can we understand the feelings of others? Sensory Awareness, the practice of deeply exploring our sensations, our actions and interactions, can guide us back to our natural resources and lead us to more authenticity and vitality.

This work is not didactic; it is practice. In these workshops, participants will explore their sensations and responses internally and in relationship with others. These explorations can bring a trust of ourselves that may assist us in finding the ability and pleasure of responding more sensitively and authentically. As we find our natural vitality we can relate more fully with others, find peace and satisfaction in our lives and the ability to extend it further into the world.

Sensory Awareness is available to anyone who wants to become more whole and integrated. It offers deep learning regarding stress reduction, energy conservation, structural economy, and more natural ways of being. These experiences of exploring, freeing, and deepening our innate potentials can, if we follow through, have far-reaching consequences in all spheres of our lives.

With support from Sensory Awareness Foundation, we gladly announce the establishment of Sensory Awareness Japan in December 2011.  For more information please go to Japan Workshops & Posts.

Reichian Therapy – Psychosomatic Integration

Judyth began studies in this work in 1974. Certified in Reichian Therapy through International College she also earned a doctorate in Reichian Psychology. She subsequently studied intensively with Al Bauman and, since 1985, in close connection with Eva Reich, daughter of Wilhelm Reich. She has been certified to do what is commonly called Reichian Therapy by all of her teachers in this field.

Pre- and Perinatal Therapies – Returning to the Source

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Therapy is based on research showing that babies within the womb, during birth, and postnatally feel, have consciousness and memories, and react specifically to their experiences. These experiences not only affect us greatly in early childhood and development but continue through our lives into adulthood. Evidence confirms that many health issues-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-are linked to prenatal and birth experiences and parent-infant bonding.

Research from many disciplines now proves the importance in a person’s life of the quality of conception, the nine months of gestation, and the process of the birth itself. All have significant influence on how the child is welcomed and related to at the beginning of life and thus on that child’s later life, development, and achievements. In addition, the amount of connection-bonding and attachment in the early days after birth-makes a great difference in whether the infant will thrive or not, in the love and intimacy engendered between infant and parent, and even in how other family members will relate to each other.

The importance of this is demonstrated by the pioneering work of Dr. Frank Lake, followed by Dr. Eva Reich; by even earlier research and psychotherapy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1940’s; and by more recent work of Dr. William Emerson,Ph.D., Dr. Raymond Castellino, D.C., and Sir John Bowlby.

Patterns for ones ability to deal with stress and trauma are also laid down in these early times. These patterns develop while we are preverbal and will influence and follow us throughout our lives. If these patterns are traumatic, much of the work to resolve such trauma needs to engage and be repatterned on the preverbal level. Working somatically can offer deep, profound, and often comparatively quick resolution to problems and issues that seem to resist other therapeutic attempts.

Pre- and Perinatal Therapy is an intensive, personal approach that helps repattern trauma and supports deep healing in the somatic, interpersonal realms.

Somatic Experiencing – Resolving Shock and Trauma Affect

Developed by Peter A. Levine, Ph.D., somatic experiencing employs the awareness of body sensations and felt senses to help people discharge held energies and old information and “renegotiate” and heal their traumas.

Gestalt Therapy – Awareness in Therapy; Awareness in Life

The focus of awareness and the process of what is happening and working with what is makes a “down to earth” therapeutic process. Only through awareness can we truly make a change. Dealing with what we feel; not what we think creates an economical, natural progressing therapy.

Fritz and Laura Perls, the developers of Gestalt Therapy, both had studied in the realm of Sensory Awareness: Laura mostly in Europe with Elsa Gindler and Fritz studied regularly in NYC with Charlotte Selver. In fact, Sensory Awareness is credited with Gestalt Therapy’s concept of awareness; its concept of organismic self-regulation comes from Wilhelm Reich, with whom Fritz had worked. All of these aspects coming together makes Gestalt Therapy a natural way for me to work.

Rosen Method – Removing Barriers to Self

Rosen Method is a hands-on approach to working with the organism that enhances relaxation and aliveness through increasing awareness of the connection between the physical, mental and emotional self.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Restoring Integrity in the System

Fluid-tide oriented craniosacral therapy is rooted in the original osteopathic work of William Garner Sutherland and further informed by Franklyn Sills and augmented by his expertise in polarity therapy. This work is about deeply listening, acknowledging and supporting what the organism is saying, and helping it respond authentically and appropriately to the depths of its individual healing.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan – Energetic Awareness and Applications

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a Chinese system of simple exercise for physical and mental development and coordination through a series of natural, relaxed movements. A form of movement meditation, it focuses on the improvement of health by teaching relaxation and centering; developing coordination and balance; releasing blocks and tensions; and facilitating energy flow. My workshops and classes introduce and teach the short Yang form of T’ai Chi Ch’uan as taught by Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing. They explain the principles of T’ai Chi, teach the basic movements and address how the knowledge can be immediately applied to everyday life.T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a traditional Chinese discipline known for supporting relaxation, coordination, health, well-being, and longevity. Special emphasis is placed on helping students understand the philosophy and principles of this art. Workshops include practice and time to discuss the practical applications of T’ai Chi, such as the various ways it can improve and be integrated into our lives. My intention is always for participants to acquire a viable practice that they can use to enhance their health and well-being through the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Learn more about about my approach to teaching t’ai chi ch’uan.

Somatic Reclaiming

All of these practices have meant a lot to me and helped in my development and understanding.  I have come to call my own evolvement of my work Somatic Reclaiming.  Please listen to the podcast of me being interviewed about how I developed Somatic Reclaiming.