Somatic Reclaiming Podcast (2011)

Judyth is interviewed about her work and Somatic Reclaiming for United States Association for Body Psychotherapy’s (USABP) Somatic Psychotherapy Perspectives. Listen to the podcast here.

Somatic Awareness/Sensory Awareness – A Path of Unraveling Trauma (2010)

The theme of “unraveling trauma” is a very important choice of words to describe the way we must work with trauma. Read More

Elsa Gindler and her influence on Wilhelm Reich and Body Psychotherapy (2009)

I was very honored to be invited to be a keynote presenter at the European Association for Body Psychotherapys November, 2008 conference in Paris, France. Read More

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy: From Sensory Awareness to Somatic Psychotherapy (2008)

I wrote this article to be included in the proceedings of the 5th National Conference of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy, held in Philadelphia, Pa., July, 2008, in relation to my presentation there. The title of this Conference is “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” my article and my presentation is about how Sensory Awareness is the heart of somatic psychotherapy. Read More

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008]

Sensory Awareness – The Heart of Somatic Psychotherapy [Japanese, 2008] Read More

Somatic Reclaiming: A Mind/Body/Spiritual Integrative Process

Developed By Judyth O. Weaver, Somatic Reclaiming is based in the practice of awareness – sensory, structural and emotional. The presence of awareness is essential to any element of lasting change. Only with awareness, and the experiencing of what we are doing and feeling, can we have the choice and the ability to change – or not change – as we so desire. Read More

Breath – Our Healing and Awareness Tool (2003)

This article was written for inclusion in the program of a symposium on Breath – “˜AL WAT ADEMT’ where I was the keynote presenter, Holland, 7 February 2004. In more than three decades of working with others, I have discovered the power of the authentic breath. I have also discovered the scarcity of our trust in our own natural resources, especially the breath. This is really a scarcity of trust in ourselves, in our own being, in our whole true nature. My interest is in helping people find their way back to their true selves, not necessarily in teaching them anything new. Read More

Integrating Sensory Awareness and Somatic Psychotherapy (2004)

This article was published in The USA Body Psychotherapy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, 2004. I had the honor of being guest co-editor of that issue which was devoted to the work of Charlotte Selver and its influence on Somatic Psychotherapy. Read More

Somatics and the Term “Bodywork” (1999)

This is a letter I wrote to members of the Somatics/BodyWork community after the Somatics Congress in February, 1999. It states my position on the use of terms such as “bodywork” which furthers the body/mind split. It was edited and printed as a guest editorial in the SOMATICS SOCIETY Newsletter, Winter, 1999. I propose to our community a change that I think would have far-reaching, beneficial consequences. Read More

An Explanation of the Development of My Somatic Psychotherapeutic Work (1994)

Eva Reich asked me to write a chapter for a book about her work that was being prepared in Germany. I wrote to the editor in order to make contact and to give her an idea of my work and what kind of article I could write. I expected her to respond to my letter and give me perimeters to begin working on a piece for her book. To my surprise she accepted my entire letter as the chapter for the book! Read More