My Connection with Reichian Therapy and Wilhelm Reich

I came to working in this field of somatics and somatic psychology by searching for answers for my own physical and psychological questions. Read More

The Wilhelm Reich Project

The Wilhelm Reich Pardon Project was an effort to encourage individuals to write letters describing Reich’s beneficial impact on their lives and work, and requesting that Reich receive a posthumous pardon. Read More

Eva Renate Reich

Eva was the eldest daughter of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and one of his original students. She became deeply engaged in the field of orgonomy and worked with her father on a variety of experimental works. Read More

Memories of Eva Reich

A dear friend and mentor, at one point, Eva asked me to be her biographer. We would sit in her warm farmhouse in the evenings and she would tell me stories of her life. I’d like to share some of them with you. Read More

Emotional First Aid (2006)

Emotional First Aid is a term that can be used for a type of body/mind integrative psychotherapeutic process used in situations calling for immediate, direct response such as a person might need in an acute or subacute situation of distress or overwhelm. Emotional first aid is different in each situation. There are no rules, except these: To be open minded to the possibility that very severe or acute body symptoms may be caused by acute emotional repression. To be on the lookout for clues in the actual life situation of the person who comes for help. To know that words alone cannot always relieve the energy stasis. Read More

The Source of The Human “No”

This is an important statement written by Wilhelm Reich a long time ago. It is still very pertinent. I give it to all my students to read. I want to share it with you too. Read More