The following are testimonials from participants in Judyth’s individual sessions, classes or workshops.


After taking your workshop, I realized that my senses became clearer and I start to realize that there are many things for me to enjoy and to sense in everyday life! The sensory awareness practice helped me to understand the meaning of “being here at this moment.”

Kiyoe M., Japan

I found Judyth’s workshop to be simple and profound.

Marlene Zweig, Denver, Colorado


Judyth holds and creates a sacred and safe space for reclaiming wellness. She is a powerful guide in the healing journey. She is wise and authentic and grounded and open. Working with her has allowed me to be more present in my physical and emotional being. I have a much greater awareness of my body and my emotions. She has provided me with the opportunity to become more free and spontaneous in my life. I am greater able to give and receive love. I am more me. I have grown and continue to grow and I feel these shifts and changes to and from my core. Working with her has been and is for me a blessing.

Billy G., San Francisco

Healing and Growing after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

My TBI left me partially numb and disconnected from my body and senses with persistent early morning body tremors. I had no way to know to what degree I was disconnected, only that I felt an absence of joy in almost every task I set out to accomplish. In fact that was the problem, all I could do was ‘task accomplishing’. Working with Judyth, I learned to sense my body again. I feel I had to look beneath my ‘task accomplishing’, conditioned mind to learn to sense again. Judyth’s non-judgmental skilful diligence helped me accept my distorted, bruised body and listen to what my senses were experiencing. This non-judgmental sensing taught me how to sense and eventually let go of my morning tremors.

Relearning (or learning) to listen to my senses was a very subtle somewhat indescribable process. Judyth’s depth of experience became a steady friend and clear guide through my process.

Charles, Seattle

Judyth Weaver has been the single-most positive influence on my life for the last decade. She is incredibly skilled at her work. Integrating so many different ways of working with bodymindspirit is difficult to do well consistently and effectively… Judyth does so with compassion, gentleness, and strength… I owe much of my progress out of my pain, and my feeling of emotional stability to her dedicated, unflagging efforts to help me connect with my human ability to regulate my own life and maintain my own physical, emotional, and spiritual health. As I am an integrative practitioner myself, I have been able to appreciate the breadth and depth of Judyth’s skill from both a personal and professional perspective and I would encourage any one interested in powerful and lasting transformation to experience her and her work.

ADB, San Francisco
Integrative Clinical Psychologist and Client


I have worked with Judyth since 1983 when she taught a general introduction to T’ai Chi at Robert Bly’s Great Mother Conference in Mendocino, California. I’d been looking for a teacher and here she was: a former dancer, Jewish, and just my age. I felt immediately at home with her precise, down-to-earth teaching style that expanded to explorations into sensory awareness, stories about Cheng Man-Ch’ing, and whatever else her students needed to get to know the many aspects of this profound discipline. I learned to simplify and ground and each year of study yielded rich insights. Grappling with the mysteries of push hands (which she now calls “sensing hands”) tried my patience but I’m glad I pushed through the frustration to gather the revelations and apply them to my practice. When I do the form on my own, I still hear her voice in my ear, reminding me of weight transfer, relaxing, and all those lessons that are now embedded in me. I feel very lucky to have connected with Judyth, attending her classes and workshops. Her teaching keeps my form true and clear.

N.F., California

I moved to California in the late ’70s to find some help exploring my big life questions. Years of reading and graduate school classes had left me even more in my head. It wasn’t until I met Judyth in 1981 and became her Tai Chi student that I felt as if I might have found the help I was seeking. Before long I was her psychotherapy client and then her Zen student and then, over the years, I’ve simply followed her lead. I cannot imagine a more devoted student, or teacher, of whatever that ‘place’ is we have come to point at by saying ‘mind/body/spirit.’

Thank you, Judyth, for letting me walk, lie, sit and crawl along, for allowing us, your students, to make our own discoveries, at our own pace, in our own way. What a great sense of trust and respect and safety I feel working with you. Thank you. Thank you.

DWA, Kansas