Mission Statement (translated from Japanese)

With support from Sensory Awareness Foundation, we gladly announce the establishment of Sensory Awareness Japan in December 2011.

We live in a time of unprecedented challenges. The environment, healthcare, education, the economy, politics-all are faced with chronic stress and crisis.

Despite these challenges, we believe that through Sensory Awareness we can discover an harmonious way of being, an inner balance and wisdom, and immense vital force. Being aware of our great capacity enables us to face our challenges without fear, even in a time of crisis.

The mission of Sensory Awareness Japan has three goals. The first is to become the primary point of contact for Japanese people who are interested in Sensory Awareness, who want to know more about it and who want to experience it. The second goal is to serve as a stepping-stone to further development of Sensory Awareness in Japan.

When each one of us becomes more clearly and vitally aware, this awareness ripples out beyond the individual and can be the source of endless numbers of small but significant changes in the world. These changes even stretch beyond individual life-times. They are passed down to following generations and reveal new possibilities, potentials, and better choices for them. Here we have our third mission: to leave a healthy and harmonious world for future beings.

As of December 2011, Sensory Awareness Japan has set out on its mission with curiosity and playfulness. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Finally we would like to thank all those who have been supporting Sensory Awareness in Japan.

Yuka Saito