An Introduction to Perinatal Psychology and Therapy Workshop Kyoto, Japan – TBA

Introduction to Perinatal Psychology and Therapy Workshop Tokyo, Japan - September 24 & 25, 2015The field of Perinatal Psychology has grown from research that shows prenates and neonates feel, have consciousness, have memories and respond specifically to their experiences; and it shows how adults unconsciously remember and base actions and reactions on these experiences throughout their lives.
Evidence confirms that many health issues – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – are linked to prenatal, birth, and parent-infant bonding experiences. Patterns for one’s ability to deal with stress and trauma are also laid down in these early, pre-verbal times and continue to influence us throughout our development.

This workshop will teach listening, acknowledging, attuning, somatically tracking movement patterns and the fluctuation of the nervous system. Participants will learn how to offer the support and awareness that infants need to prevent traumas and how to help adults heal the early beginnings that greatly affect our lives.

Experiential work and audio-visual presentation will be offered.

Perinatal psychology and therapy applies to infants and children, as well as adults. This study is appropriate for medical and psychology professionals and students, teachers, parents, future parents, those who work with people, and all who seek to gain awareness about how early beginnings greatly affect the adult life.

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