Perinatal Psychology for Health and Healing Workshop at Esalen Institute, March 14-16, 2008

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The field of prenatal and perinatal psychology has grown out of research that shows how prenates and neonates feel, have memories, and respond specifically to their experiences, and how adults unconsciously remember and base actions and reactions throughout their lives on these early experiences.

Many health issues-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual-can be linked to prenatal and birth experiences and parent-infant bonding. Patterns for one’s ability to deal with stress and trauma are also laid down in these early, preverbal times.

In an experiential format, this program will explore embryological and infant development, the effects of various life occurrences, ways to promote healthy births, and protocols for therapeutic interventions and repairing trauma. The workshop will teach listening, acknowledging, attuning, and somatically tracking movement patterns and the fluctuation of the nervous system-thereby offering the support that may not have been there in the past and perhaps providing resolution to issues that have seemed to resist other therapeutic attempts.

The program will include discussion, individual process, and practical tools for integrating one’s insights and discoveries. This work can be important to therapists, teachers, social workers, parents, parents-to-be, those trying to conceive, and anyone who works with people or who wants to learn more about themselves.

Esalen is offering CE credit for psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs and nurses.

Register: 831-667-3005,, [email protected]

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Perinatal Psychology For Health & Healing