Sensory Awareness: Awakening and Responding. Kyoto, Japan: October 15-16, 2011

How do we live?  Are we awake and do we respond fully and appropriately or is our response to life … to anything – mechanical and perhaps not really our own?  Are we creative and spontaneous or are we following perhaps some old rules we have been given?  Can we be resilient and appropriate to what is asked of us? Sensory Awareness gives us chances to look at, feel and respond to our inner needs. When we are more fully connected and authentic, we can then also extend our realities outward into our communities and the world.

Sensory Awareness focuses on the reality of one’s experience and finding the organic and deeply true response. This workshop is experiential. Focusing on our breath, our sensations, our actions and reactions allows each of us to acknowledge our true essence and fully respond to what we are being asked in our lives.

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