Sensory Awareness: Living Well in Challenging Times – Kyoto, Japan: September 22, 2015

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This one-day workshop will take place in the city of Kyoto at Midori-no-yakata.

This workshop will be very special as a continuation of the residential workshop of Sept  19-21 in the country; or it can be taken separately as an introduction to Sensory Awareness.

As a continuation participants will experience the challenges and changes from country to city sounds, atmosphere, smells, etc.  How do the changes in our environment invite changes in ourselves?  How do we respond to what is happening in our lives? How do we meet our challenges in the world?  Can we be flexible and respond appropriately to what is asked of us?  How can we live well in challenging times?

Sensory Awareness focuses on the reality of ones experience and finding the organic and deeply true response to support us in our challenges. This workshop is experiential. Focusing on our breath, our sensations, our actions and reactions allows each of us to acknowledge our true essence and be able to fully respond to what we are being asked in our lives.

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