Sensory Awareness Study Group, February 2007

Sensory Awareness, the practice of deeply exploring our sensations, Kitchen_photo2.jpgour actions and interactions, can guide us back to our natural resources and lead us to more authenticity and vitality. In this study group participants will explore their sensations and responses internally and in relationship with others. These explorations can bring a trust of ourselves that may assist us in finding the ability and pleasure of responding more sensitively and authentically. As we find our natural vitality we can relate more fully with others, find peace and satisfaction in our lives and the ability to extend it further into the world.

Students will share a common theme to work with on their own. We will have pre-arrangements for contact (phone, email, letters) and share our experiences. We all will commit to 20 minutes of focused sensing activities at least 3 times a week and keep a journal of whatever kind we want….writing, drawing, etc.

Each month will have a general theme. Every week the specifics will have a different aspect of this theme. The month’s task will be presented in advance and each person will work with it as is appropriate for him/her.

Individual work will begin February 4th; we will gather for a weekend workshop in Mill Valley March 31-April 1; the Study Group will culminate with a week-long workshop on Cortes Island, in British Columbia, Canada, August 10-17.

Tuition: Weekend workshop – $200; Week on Cortes – $500. (neither tuition includes food or accommodations). The months of exploring/reporting/connecting will be $30. each month. I will be available via email and/or phone for consultations and support throughout the duration. Private sessions by request and/or other classes are also possible and cost additional.

To register (by January 18 please) or for more information:
Judyth O. Weaver – 206-361-4124 or
[email protected].