Sensory Awareness Workshop – Nature and our Nature – Cortes Island, B.C., Canada – Aug 15-29, 2023

We are naturally born as vital, fully sensory beings. Traumas, tensions, even some education can diminish our vitality, creating unrest and insecurity in our lives. Sensory Awareness – the practice of deeply exploring our sensations, our actions and interactions, through practical sensing experiments – can guide us back to our natural resources and lead us to more authenticity and vitality. Through Sensory Awareness we can recover ways of living more fully in the world, rediscovering the wisdom and interconnection of our whole selves and reclaiming our natural being.

In this workshop, participants will explore their sensations and responses internally and externally, in relationship with others, with nature and with our human nature. These explorations can bring a trust and security that may assist us in finding the ability and pleasure of responding more sensitively and authentically in our lives. As we find our natural vitality we can relate more fully with others, find peace and satisfaction in our selves, and the ability to extend it further into the world. Time to rest, swim, play, and enjoy beautiful Cortes Island will be an integral part of this workshop.

This is a two-week workshop. It is possible to take one or two weeks.  If you want to take one week, please join us for the first week.  Thank you.

Tuition: $650 US for one week. $1200 US for two weeks.
Early Bird Discount if payment is made by April 15th.
The discount is $100 for two weeks; for one week the discount is $50.00.

Meals and accommodations are extra.

Inexpensive camping & bunking possibilities are available on Judyth’s property.  Please ask if you are interested.  There are various B&Bs throughout the island, the Cortes Motel, and also lodging at Hollyhock with full meals, hot tub, etc.

For more information and registration please contact: [email protected]
Cell phone:  415-548-0365:  Phone on Cortes: 250-935-8500
In Japan contact: [email protected]


I first began studying with Charlotte Selver and Charles V.W. Brooks in 1968, when I returned after 3 years away from the U.S., 2 1/2 years being in Japan and 1 1/2 years of that time in a Rinzai Zen Monastery. I immediately felt the similarity between the consciousness of Zen Meditation and what Selver and Brooks were calling Sensory Awareness. From 1968 until Charlotte’s passing in 2003, I regularly attended their workshops, classes and study groups in Mexico; Monhegan Island, Maine; and throughout the U.S.

In 1984 Charlotte asked me go to Japan in her place and offer what we called ‘the work’ for the newly formed Japanese Association for Humanistic Education which was founded by Professor Ito, who had translated Charles’s book on Sensory Awareness into Japanese. That began annual trips to Japan, offering SA Workshops to numerous students of all sorts of professions and interests.

I have also presented SA to students of the Rosen Method that i taught in Russia in the 1990s; to students in Taiwan; to the Tibetan Nuns in exile in Dharamsala, India, connected through the Tibetan Nuns Project, as well as many other groups in various other venues throughout the world.

It has been my great honor and pleasure to share this simple, profound, essential work with others. One of my favorite places to do so is Cortes Island, B.C., Canada, where I have offered various workshops throughout many decades. Participants come from different countries; we meet in the life and love of finding our true selves and sharing our Natures with Nature and with each other.