Sensory Awareness Workshops In Hiroshima, Japan, March 2011

An Introduction to Sensory Awareness

One evening:  March 17, 4-7 PM

Sensory Awareness – Finding Peace within Ourselves and with Others

Three day workshop – March 19-21, 2011


Sensory Awareness, the practice of deeply exploring our sensations, our actions and interactions, can guide us back to our natural resources and lead us to more authenticity and vitality. In this workshop, participants will explore their sensations and responses internally and externally, in relationship with others, with nature and with our human nature. These explorations can bring a trust and security that may assist us in finding the ability and pleasure of responding more sensitively and authentically in our lives. As we find our natural vitality we can relate more fully with others, find peace and satisfaction in our selves, and the ability to extend it further into the world.

For further information and registration:

Satomi Nakamoto:  [email protected]