Teaching Adults How to Understand Babies-April, 2009

At “The Miracle of Birth Congress.”

Thursday, April 23, 2009 – 9:30AM-4:30PM
Judyth Weaver

This experiential workshop will teach simple exercises that can be used to assist adults to learn more about the child’s experiences-from the inside out-somatically as well as emotionally and intellectually. The more fully teachers, therapists, medical professionals, parents and other adults understand the situation of the child, the more sensitive and connected they can be to those children. They can communicate more intuitively and coherently with children. Playing roles of baby and adult in turn will give participants understandings and skills that can support health and communication during pregnancy, can set the temperament for the passage of birth, promote empathy, build healthier connections and bonding with the newborn, and develop sensitive interactions that support relationships into childhood and beyond. These exercises can be used to teach adults to become more attuned to children, help children of all ages to repair and resolve traumatic experiences, and help adults understand their own past traumas and how to repair and resolve them.

Take a one-day experiential workshop with Judyth on how to teach adults to understand babies!

Download the PDF: Teaching Adults How to Understand Babies