Somatic Perinatal Process Workshop – TBA

Judyth Weaver and Zaylen

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Therapy is based on research showing that babies within the womb, during birth, and postnatally feel, have consciousness and memories, and react specifically to their experiences. These experiences greatly affect not only early childhood and development, but also continue all the way through our lives into adulthood. Evidence confirms that many health issues-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-are linked to prenatal/birth experiences and parent-infant bonding.

Research from many disciplines now proves the importance in a person’s life of the quality of conception, gestation, and the process of the birth itself. All have significant influence on how the child is welcomed and related to at the beginning of life and thus on that child’s later life, development, and achievements. In addition, the amount of connection-bonding and attachment in the early days after birth-makes a great difference in how the infant will thrive or not, in the love and intimacy engendered between infant and parent, and even in how family members will relate to each other.

Patterns for ones ability to deal with stress and trauma are also laid down in these early times. These patterns develop while we are preverbal and can influence and follow us throughout our lives. If these patterns are traumatic, much of the work to resolve such trauma needs to engage and be repatterned on the preverbal level. Working somatically can offer deep, profound, and often comparatively quick resolution to problems and issues that seem to resist other therapeutic attempts.

Dr Raymond Castellino, DC, has developed these birth process workshops for adults out of his work with babies, infants and families. The nature of working in small groups enables us to transform material that inhibits the fulfillment of our potential – our birthright. Working somatically within this process workshop setting can have deep, profound and often comparatively quick resolution to issues that have seemed to resist other therapeutic attempts.

Somatic Perinatal Process workshops offer an excellent way to work with such issues. Working in small groups with support enables us to transform material that inhibits the fulfillment of our potential — our birthright. This setting offers the opportunity to uncover and explore, as we wish, our own prenatal and birth imprinting. Connecting to this early layer of physical and emotional experience, within a safe and sustaining environment, gives us the potential to repattern our bonding and attachment and clarify, ease, and transform early trauma and current unsupportive actions — it supports our healing.

The initial phase of the workshop is about developing a safe and nurturing environment with interactive, communicative skills to engender a sense of safety, support, and mutual understanding among all the participants. In this small group setting each participant is supported in exploring whatever issue s/he chooses: somatic, early life trauma, pre- or perinatal issues, relationships, etc. They then have the chance to work on their chosen issue as the others provide support under the direction of the leader. Each session is followed by individual and group sharing, integration, and processing. This process of healing and repatterning early trauma and current dysfunctional behavior can have profound effects throughout one’s life, offering us more choice about how we respond to our relationships and opening us to deeper, more loving experiences.

This workshop is suitable for adults preparing for conception and birth, as well as for those who wish to work on their own prenatal or birth trauma or other behavioral or emotional issues. These workshops are also recommended for professionals in various fields as they can develop deeper levels of awareness applicable to any personal or professional practice. This work is safe and considerate of those who might be pregnant and can be very helpful for those trying to conceive.

Process workshops are experiential in nature. Each participant is required to be in attendance for the entire workshop as s/he is an important part of the support environment. Upon application for the workshop, the participant will be sent a questionnaire relating to his/her early history and current situation. Answering the questions begins the personal preparation for the workshop.

Questionnaire to be submitted to Judyth one month in advance of workshop with payment of tuition: $950.US./CAN $ equivalent.