Somatic Reclaiming: A Mind/Body/Spiritual Integrative Process

Developed By Judyth O. Weaver

Somatic Reclaiming is based in the practice of awareness – sensory, structural and emotional. The presence of awareness is essential to any element of lasting change. Only with awareness, and the experiencing of what we are doing and feeling, can we have the choice and the ability to change – or not change – as we so desire.

Somatic Reclaiming is founded on the conviction that we have the resources within us to live whole, creative, gratifying lives; this is our birthright. Training, trauma, and other influences have interfered and conditioned us differently. Through awareness and the recognition and acceptance of our natural impulses and responses, we can reclaim our original natures and allow our continual growth.

Somatic Reclaiming is the process of becoming more aware; resolving and releasing unwanted, unnecessary conditionings; and reclaiming the basic goodness that has always been deep within us. Knowing ourselves on this level supports us in expressing ourselves fully, having more compassion for our true nature and that of others, and living as we consciously choose.

The nonjudgmental process of Somatic Reclaiming allows us the space and time to explore what and how we experience, and to develop the liberty, patience, and clarity to make informed changes and clear, creative statements in our lives.

A practice which focuses on the integration of the body, mind, and soul, Somatic Reclaiming is essentially a personal spiritual path. Clients learn from their breath, from their own intrinsic moving processes, from their sensory responses, sounds, dreams, thoughts, and emotions. All these aspects bring important insights into what we need for change; how to accept, create, and integrate these changes; and how we may live the life we truly desire.


Click for more about my views on why the term “body work” is not appropriate for this field.


Regular, weekly private sessions are an optimal way to work. The particular needs of clients who come from a distance or have irregular schedules can be accommodated with longer, more intensive appointments.


Workshops of varying lengths are offered in the U.S. as well as Japan, Russia, Canada, and India. A common theme is “Living a Spiritual Life in the Practical World.” Five-day workshops are frequently offered at centers such as Esalen Institute in Big Sur (CA) and Hollyhock in British Columbia (Canada).

In May and June of 1998, I led a very successful, month-long intensive in Somatic Reclaiming called “Somatics, Community and the Soul” at Hollyhock. More long workshops/retreats are planned; please inquire if interested.


Training is offered to qualified persons. Contact Judyth for more information.